02 June 2015

Informatics new subject at Danish high schools


At DIKU we are happy that the Informatics course has now become permanent, says Deputy Head of Department of Education Kenny Erleben. This means that more high school students at an earlier stage will gain insight into IT professional topics, which may increase the interest to apply for one of the higher IT education. Now we just need to get the primary school on board.

Since 2011 Information Technology has been taught on an experimental basis at selected Danish high schools. The goal was to create flexible and modern IT subjects, which could be adapted to relevant educations. The name of the course will in the future be Informatics.

Based on a recent positive evaluation and on lessons learned from the experiment, the Minister of Education has decided to render the course permanent, however with some adjustments to the curriculum.

The new Informatics will be offered at C and B level as regular courses and electives. 
It is not yet decided, when informatics will be fully implemented at all Danish high schools.

Read the press release issued by the Danish Ministry of Education (in Danish)

Read the full evaluation perfomed by the IT University  (in Danish)