28 October 2015

Team from University of Copenhagen wins the Danish Championship in Programming for the fifth time

Championship in Programming

Once again the UCPH team, Lambdabamserne, two Math and one Computer Science student, can call themselves Danish Champions in programming. 35 teams competed on Saturday October 10th in DIKU's old library in Universitetsparken 1.

Throughout most of the five hours of programming an Aarhus University team, Beyond Balmer's Creek from AU, led the competition. But with 15 minutes left, Lambdabamserne handed in their sixth and decisive assignment which was approved and made them the only team in Denmark who solved 6 assignments of the total 10 assignments.

Link to scoreboard from NCPC 2015.

One experienced and two new 'Lambdabamser'

This year's team consisted of DIKU student, Nicolai Nebel Jørgensen, and two MATH students, Jakob Tejs Knudsen (the only reappearing member from last years team) and Nikolaj Simling.

Lambdabamserne have competed in the Danish Championship in Programming for six years. Throughout the years the team has consisted of different members because of the rules of the competition. Thus, this year all contestants had to be born in 1992 or later.

Since their first participation in the competition, Lambdabamserne have won five times - only in 2012 they had to 'make do' with a second place.

The first time at DIKU

It's the first time that the Danish Championship in Programming has been held at DIKU and it was a success. The old library was buzzing with excitement and after the competition, the contestants could relax with pizza and beer in the student canteen. Under big applauses from the other contestants the winners received a gift certificate for travelling of DKK 10,000.

The new location might also be the reason for the big increase in competing DIKU teams. 29 of the 34 Danish teams were from KU - last year the number was 18 KU teams. Generally there has been an increase in the number of competing teams compared to last year with a total of 51 competing teams in Denmark.

Lambdabamserne: From left Nicolai Nebel Jørgensen, Jakob Tejs Knudsen and Nikolaj Simling