25 September 2015

Professor Mads Nielsen appointed Head of Department at DIKU

Head of Department

As of 1st January 2016, The Department of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen will be headed by Professor Mads Nielsen, presently Head of the Image Section at DIKU.

Mads Nielsen is already a well-known face at the Department, having headed the Image Section since joining DIKU in 2007. His research has mainly been within medical imaging for diagnostic purposes, e.g. discovering diseases like breast cancer or dementia at an early stage.

Before joining DIKU, Mads was attached to the IT University in Copenhagen.

Mads has an academic background as computer scientist, but has also aquired fundamental insights in medical science from assignments with the Panum Institute at University of Copenhagen as well as the Utrecht University Hospital, Netherlands.

As a spin-off of his research Mads has established the research based consultancy firm BiomediQ,which has today 12 staff delivering specialist health care sector consultancy.

About his coming position, Mads says:

- I look forward to collaborating with my DIKU colleagues to achieve DIKU's strategic goals.

I will seek to strengthen the student basis and the academic activities, and to create the financial basis of a DIKU taking the leadership in IT educations, research, and innovation in Denmark, ….. from one address.

Mads Nielsen assumes the position as head of department on 1st January 2016 for a five year term, i.e. until 31st December 2020.