15 June 2015

The enrollment for the Computer Science Master’s Programme at University of Copenhagen reaches new heights


122 applicants have been offered to start in the Computer Science Master’s Programme at Copenhagen University this year. This means that the maximum capacity has been reached for the first time in many years.

- It looks very promising for the Master’s Programme. We anticipate, that around 100 of the applicants will accept the offer, of this a lot of international students as well. This is a significant increase from last year, where we took in 83 students, says director of studies at DIKU, Andrzej Filinski.

Once again there has been a record-breaking intake on the Master’s Programmes at the SCIENCE faculty - especially in the area of computer science and mathematics, which are some of the programmes with the lowest unemployment.

This means, that for the first time in many years there has been a restricted enrollment for the Master’s Programme. The big interest is good news for DIKU (Dept. of Computer Science). Based on the good experience from the Bachelor programme, a mentor system will be introduced as part of the Master's Programme. 

A higher capacity in the coming years

At the moment the capacity for the Master’s Programme in Computer Science is 100 students.

- It may be relevant to raise the capacity up to 120-130 students within the next few years because of the demand for computer scientists in the society and to satisfy the enhanced interest in the Master’s Programme. This is something we are working on at the moment, Andrzej Filinski concludes.

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