21 August 2015

Press release: Leading Mobile HCI researchers from all over the world meet in Copenhagen to present innovative research and gadgets

Mobile HCI, gadgets

Touchless devices, smart watches, bendable tablets and interconnected smart phones are just some of the gadgets presented at this year's Mobile HCI conference in Copenhagen. It all starts on 24th August.

-  the world is experiencing a boom in the development of new mobile technologies and gadgets, partly made possible through higher computational power in smaller form factors as well as the ever increasing interconnectivity between them. At the conference, we will see exciting new applications (such as navigation interfaces for smart watches), fascinating novel form factors (such as bendable tablets) as well as insights in everyday use of small, portable devices (such as understandings to video messaging) says one of the main organizers of the conference, Sebastian Boring, Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen.

Touch-less interaction is here!

At the conference, we will see examples of how interaction with portable devices allows us to go beyond the display.

For example, one can interact on the back of a device, in mid-air (above the display of a smart phone), or using on-body gestures (through electrical signature sensing). These new leaps allow for more expressiveness in interaction, yet they also require the development of a new understanding of how we might use them.

The opening keynote speaker on Tuesday, August 25th, Sriram Subramanian (an international expert in novel user interface technologies) begins exploring mid-air, touch-less interaction in even more depth, where he seeks to allow users to “feel” air – through the use of tactile feedback.

There is more to mobility than mobile phones!

While mobile phones were the main devices of interest in the past, our program reveals that many new form factors are available and will enter the market – if they did not already do so. For example, we begin seeing smart watches as well as augmented reality goggles (e.g., Google Glass), and all of them are, by nature, mobile devices as well.

The conference program focuses on such devices and reveals insights on how people use them.

The closing keynote on Thursday, August 27th by Andrew Wilson (a leading expert in augmented reality from Microsoft Research) will cover the more technical aspect as to how to create scenarios – both by using wearable glasses as well as projections to create larger digital spaces.

Mobile devices are interconnected with the world around them!

The conference program shows the ever-increasing interest of how devices work together, instead of being yet another gadget one has. One example is to use mobile devices with other electrical and electronic devices in one’s surrounding (e.g., thermostats, the TV, or lamps). By pointing at them, the mobile turns into a proxemics-aware control, where the content and layout of the controls depends on the mobile device’s position and orientation in the environment. Likewise, our program has numerous examples demonstrating the need of transferring data across devices.

Mobile devices are more than gadgets!

- Our program also has sessions related to health and support, where researchers show their mobile applications and share their knowledge regarding the use of such. For example, smartphone apps can in fact help you quit smoking, or support long-distance runners to better monitor their progress along the way, explains Sebastian Boring, who emphasizes that the press is welcome throughout any of the three conference days.

Please contact: Sebastian Boring (+45 22 61 73 42)


The 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services starts 24th August 2015. The conference is the premier forum for innovation in mobile, portable and personal devices and the services to which they enable access.

The conference begins on August 24 2015 with a workshop, interactive tutorials and a doctoral consortium – to be held at Aalborg University Copenhagen. The main conference follows 25 – 27 August at Tivoli Congress Center with our keynotes, papers program, industrial case studies, a panel as well as demonstrations and posters.

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