21 April 2015

The recent CTF marathon yielded a 7th place for DIKU’s hackers


DIKU’s hackers, Pwnies/Gallopsled, was one of almost 900 teams who participated in the online hacking competition PlaidCTF this weekend (April 17th-19th). After 48 hours of intense concentration, Pwnies was rewarded with a 7th place – but Pwnies are not quite satisfied.

DIKU’s hacking team, Pwnies – in official competitions known as Gallopsled – have not been resting on their laurels since they earned a 3th place in the international CodeGate finals in Korea, which rendered them the second best team on the international world ranking of competition hackers.

This weekend (April 17th-19th) they participated in the online competition, PlaidCTF (a so-called Capture the Flag competition) against 894 other hacking teams from all over the world. Pwnies had set themselves up for 48 hours of intense competing in their own hacking suite at DIKU – here they relied on copious amounts of energy drinks, take-out, a nap on the couch now and then, and, most importantly, big portions of their own special nutrition smoothie. In this time-lapse video you can see for yourself how it all went down.

Pwnies are not quite satisfied with the outcome
Unfortunately, Pwnies "only" placed 7th this time – and consequently the stalwart hackers moved down to a 4th place on the international ranking list.

Mathias Svensson is far from satisfied:

- We had a slow start. The problems were released in a way so that we were quickly done with the easy ones, but then we were left with a bunch of difficult problems that we couldn’t solve. We are really disappointed about that.

Despite the dissapointment, Pwnies will keep on fighting on the international hacking scene to regain their lost position. The next event on their to do list is the CONFidence CTF competition in Poland at the end of May – and the online CONFidence pre-competition on April 25-26. Pwnies also work on setting up their own CTF competition, but the date hasn’t yet been set.