8 July 2015

Denmark should once again be the most digital country in the world


In 2009 Denmark could call itself the most digital country in the world. Today Denmark only hold the spot as number 15 – a large group of organizations and interest groups in the corporate world agrees that something is to be done about this. One way to reach this goal is world-class IT qualifications and research.

Danmark - det mest digitale land i verden

”In a broad cooperation between organizations and interest groups we have drawn up visions on a number of central digital areas, which from our perspective should be included in a national digitization strategy and around which we look forward to cooperate with the new government, municipalities and regions.”

The proposal of visions ‘Denmark – the most digital country in the world’, which gathers the visions of the 27 professional organizations for the new government, is divided in three main focus areas: digital infrastructure, digital security and digital framework conditions.

Focus on Big Data and IT security

Besides creating an optimal access to broadband and mobile coverage the unexploited potential which lies in the use of Big Data should be activated to create the best digital infrastructure. To reach this goal the necessary research and educational environments should be created to secure the future qualifications in the work with Big Data.

Also privacy should be a key issue in Denmark to create the necessary digital security. For one thing the research in the area of anonymization and de-anonymization should be extended and the results used actively in the development of new IT systems.

World-class IT qualifications

To create the best digital framework conditions the organizations and interest groups request that the offer of IT study programmes and the demand of IT qualifications match each other:

"Qualifications are a critical competitive parameter for Denmark in a global world. There has never been a higher student intake at the IT study programmes in Denmark, but at the same time the Danish IT companies find it difficult recruiting people with the right IT qualifications.”

Furthermore there should be a focus on a high level of research in the area of IT – and the research should to a greater extent support the Danish companies.

"Thus, the research should by default take place as a cooperation with the companies and thereby secure the maximum influence in the companies.”