19 October 2015

High School Students do Study practice at DIKU

Study practice

Once again DIKU invites highschool students from all over Denmark to get at taste of DIKU student life from Wednesday to Friday in week 43. A total of 35 high school students have signed up.

From previous study practice event

DIKU's high school taskforce welcomes 35 high school students

From Wednesday to Friday in week 43 35 high school students with an interest in Computer Science will get a taste of student life at the Department of Computer Science in Copenhagen. Over three days they will hear lectures, solve problems and learn about the unique DIKU study environment.

The DIKU high school taskforce consisting of four undergraduate and one graduate students, have put together a varied program with topics such as exercises in algorithms and problem solving, encryption and hacking as well an introduction to Human Computer Interaction.

On Friday there will be a hackathon where the participants will be programming apps.

Participants will be introduced to the Computer Science program by Head of Studies Torben Mogensen. Moreover, the participants will hear lectures by Associate Professor Ken Friis Larsen on encryption and professor Pernille Bjørn on Human-Computer Interaction. Participants in the study practice will also try to solve encryption tasks themselves.

At the department, we look forward to welcoming the largest group of high school students to date. We take it as an expression that the interest in a study with high job guarantee and good income opportunities is greater than ever.