20 June 2016

DIKU's Stephen Alstrup nominated for the UCPH innovation prize 2016

innovation prize

The nominations for the 2016 Awards of UCPH have ticked in and you can now see who have been nominated for the i.a. the Innovation Award.

A wide range of lecturers and researchers at have been nominated for the three UCHP annual awards: the Teacher of the Year Award, the Innovation Award and the Study Environment Award.

The awards will be presented at UCPH's Annual Commemoration Ceremony on 18 November 2016. DIKU is proud to present a computer scientist on the short list: Professor Stephen Alstrup, Department of Computer Science, is one of the nominees proposed by SCIENCE, based on his entrepreneurial and innovative influence on the research environment at DIKU.

Earlier this year, Stephen received the SCIENCE Business Prize of DKK 75.000.

Prize winning Professor Stephen Alstrup in company with Henrik Jørgen Andersen/Arla Foods and Dean John Renner

Nominations for the Innovation Award

This is the sixth time that UCPH presents the Innovation Award. The Innovation Award is awarded to outstanding research that benefits society and the business community. This year 14 candidates have been nominated for the award:

From the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences:

  • Professor Thue W. Schwartz, Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology
  • Professor MSO Claus Bøttcher Jørgensen, Department of Clinical Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  • Associate professor Eric Paul Bennet,Copenhagen Center for Glycomics, Department of Odontology
  • Section of Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, Department of Clinical Veterinary and Animal Sciences

From the Faculty of Science:

  • Associate professor Thomas Just Sørensen and professor Bo Wegge Laursen, Nano Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Nano Science Center
  • Professor Stephen Alstrup, Algorithms and Programming Languages Section, Department of Computer Science (DIKU)
  • PhD student Tine Ringsted/FOOD Chemometrics & Analytical Technology, Department of Food Science
  • Stjepan Kresimir Kracun, Julia Schünkel, William George Tycho Willats, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN)
  • Professor, Head of Department, Arne V. Astrup, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports

From the Faculty of Humanities:

  • Professor MSO Marie-Louise Nosch, Centre for Textile Research (CTR) and staff of research support at the departments at the Faculty of Humanities

From the Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Associate professor, Director of CAST, Karen Lund Petersen and CAST (Center for Advanced Security Theory), Department of Political Science
  • Professor MSO Ayo Wahlberg, Department of Anthropology
  • Professor David Dreyer Lassen, Department of Economics
  • Professor Claus Thustrup Kreiner, Department of Economics