22 September 2016

Portrait: Meet DIKU's professor Anders Soegaard at DIKU Alumni Day


Meet Anders Søgaard, Head of the Natural Languages Processing Research Group (NLP) at DIKU. He will give an introduction to how this research area to a greater and greater extent has moved out of the lab and into the real world.

The researchers in the NLP Group use machine learning to make software with linguistic in- and output, i.a. in cooperation with the world’s leading universities and with companies such as Google and Amazon. Their research, moreover, covers areas such as supporting technologies, e.g. to dyslexic people, that automatically simplifies language, as well as automatic detection of biased coverage of political stories, automatic decoding/normalization of historical manuscripts and detection of trends in social media – just to name a few of the group’s focus areas.

At the moment, the NLP Group is engaged in projects focusing on data effective machine learning methods to solve problem in natural language processing financed by ERC, DFF, Eurostars, Trygfonden and Carlsberg.

In 2004, Anders completed his Master’s Degree in Computational Linguistics at CBS. In 2007, he got a PhD in Language Technology at UCPH and in 2014 he achieved a Dr. Phil in the same area. 

Today he is leader of the NLP group and because of several common features with the research performed at DIKU, the group moved from the Faculty of Humanities to DIKU on 1 August 2016 and became part of the Image research section.