20 September 2018

DIKU celebrates Ada Lovelace Day with an event on 9 October

Women in TECH: Ada Lovelace Memorial Day

How do we engage more women in technical as well as computer science study programmes (STEM)? Among other things by featuring female role models in IT when celebrating Ada Lovelace Memorial Day on 9 October.

The 9 October is designated as the official Ada Lovelace Memorial Day. Ada Lovelace was allegedly the first female programmer in the world, therefore, she has given rise to a special tribute, where female researchers and programmers active within IT and technology (STEM) are celebrated with events all over the world. Find more info about Ada Lovelace Memorial Days worldwide: https://findingada.com

DIKU and the company 3Shape have joined forces to establish a common event in Denmark. We have invited a number of women in TECH and IT to tell about their study choices and career paths. The purpose is to demonstrate that women also can be at the forefront of research and tech development and inspire young women to look into the still quite male-dominated world of TECH and IT.

Women in Tech – come and celebrate Ada Lovelace Day 2018

On stage you can meet women in research, amongst others DIKU's associate professor Aasa Feragen, as well as women working within IT project management, development and programming from the companies NETS, Oticon and 3Shape itself. After the talks there will be networking and possibility to talk to the speakers about being a woman in the IT business.

Time: 9 October 2018: from 4 - 7.00 p.m. Location: 3Shape Holmens Kanal 7 1060 Copenhagen. See the full programme and sign up here!

The target group for the event is very broad - ranging from upper secondary school girls, considering studying within STEM,  to university graduates wanting to expand their network or simply men and women who are interested in gender equality in general. Participation is free,  the seats will be awarded according to the first come first served principle.