3 October 2018

DIKU hosts the 2018 Danish Championship in programming

NCPC2018 Danish/Nordic Programming Championship

The greatest programming contest of the year approaches. On Saturday 6 October NCPC2018 - also known as the Danish / Nordic championship in programming - is held simultaneously in a number of Nordic university cities. DIKU is hosting the East Danish contest. AU and AAU host simultaneous contests in Jutland.

the Danish NCPC contest in 2017
From the Danish NCPC contest in 2017, which was held in Universitetsparken 13 (AKB). Balloons are awarded for each single question solved. The 2018 contest will be held in the H.C. Ørsted Building, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Ø

In less than a week it will be demonstrated whether the UCPH top contestants can defend their position as Danish champions in programming or whether orther universities are snapping too much at their heals. 

The contest will be held simultaneously in all Nordic countries, i.e. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finnland and Iceland, so during the contest the teams will not only keep track of their local standing in Denmark, but also their position at Nordic level.

Nice traditions at UCPH (University of Copenhagen)

For the past 9-10 years the winner of the Danish championship has traditionally been a UCPH team. The notorious Lambdabamser with changing team members have won around 8 times! They are, however, not partipating in 2018, so a new UCHP top team name will automatically be called for.

There is, however, also a tradition of leaving the first place in the Nordic championship to another Nordic university from e.g. Finnland or Sweden. Perhaps and hopefully, this year a Danish team will make it straight to the first position in the Nordics?

Find more info at the official page: NCPC2018.

Want to participate in the Eastern Danish competition?

At DIKU (Department of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen) we wish all contestants luck.

Last chance of signing up is 3 October by midnight.

Official sponsors of the NCPC2018 in Denmark are Netcompany and Jobindex. Sign-up is done at Netcompany: here.
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What is at stake? 

The winning team gets - apart from the honourable title Danish Champions - a travel cheque for DKK 10,000 enabling the contestants to travel to the North Western European Regional Contest (NWERC), which takes place 23-25 November in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.