23 March 2018

Department of Computer Science at UCPH on a mission to Chengdu, China, to discuss cooperation

China international cooperation

On 21 March 2018, a delegation headed by Professor Mads Nielsen, Head of Department at the Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen University of Denmark (DIKU), visited Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).

From left: Vice Dean Yandong Mu, Assistant Professor Boris Düdder, Vice Dept. Chair Jon Sporring, Head of Dept. Mads Nielsen, Vice President Caidong Xiong, Associate Professor Yongluan Zhou, Director of Int. Office Aiying Di, and Professor Qiang Li

UESTC and DIKU are seeking mutual opportunities for a more formalized especially within computer and medical sciences, on collaborative research in artificial intelligence and medical imaging and on student and research staff exchange programmes. Moreover, a future common education program was discussed.

The visit was featured on the UESTC’s website (in Chinese)

During the visit, the Danish delegation also visited UESTC’s School of Computer Science and Medicine at our school and discussed cooperation on, among other things, joint laboratories and research collaboration with leading staff and professors from the school.

From left: Professor Dongxiang Zhang, Vice Dept. Chair Jon Sporring, Dean Hengtao Shen, Head of Dept. Mads Nielsen, (Assistant Professor Boris Düdder, Associate Professor Yongluan Zhou, Deputy SecretaryQing Li

“The visit was very productive and we expect collaboration to start very soon on master education in computer science and on research in AI”, says Dept. chair Mads Nielsen.