9 February 2018

New industrial M.Sc. pilot programme adopted by Danish Government

Industrial M.Sc. Pilot Programme

From the academic year 2018 a selected number of Higher Education programmes at M.Sc. level in Denmark will be offered as socalled industrial M.Sc. programmes. This means, that students can choose to study over 4 years while being employed minimum 25 hours a week. The Computer Science study offered by University of Copenhagen is included in this scheme.

In a press relase from 31 January 2018 the Danish Minister for Research and Development Søren Pind explains why this pilot scheme has been adopted by the Danish Government: "By offering master educations as part time studies, we obtain a more flexible education system, enabling Danish citizens to build their capacities while working at least 25 yours a week. We expect that this scheme will be especially well suited for STEM educations (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) whose candidates are very much demanded by Danish companies. The students will benefit from gathering knowledge and expertise from both the study and the workplace, and the companies may recruit IT specialists with state of the art knowledge from the University."

Department of Computer Science have applied to become part of the scheme by 2018

Vice Head of Dept. Teaching Martin Lillholm

Vice Head of Dept. for Teaching Martin Lillholm says: "We have taken steps to get ready to implement this scheme already from the coming academic year. We see many benefits from this new scheme, enabling a more flexible education path for the students and a more direct and dynamic collaboration with our industrial cooperation partners regarding education and recruitment of students."

The curriculum for the new pilot scheme is not yet in place - but work is going on during the spring of 2018. Interested students should still apply by the normal deadline on 1 March for the ordinary M.Sc. in Computer Science.

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