21 June 2018

Professor Pernille Bjørn have been awarded a Fulbright scholarship


Pernille Bjørn will be visiting professor at the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at University of Washington in the academic year 2018/2019.

Fulbright is a prestige award created to support international research aimed at changing the world by funding international exchanges to the US.

The research project which Professor Pernille Bjørn will work on while in the US will focus on Makerspace Methodologies and aims at exploring diversity in Computer Science through technology, design and craft.

The background for the work is the fact that only very few women choose a career in computer science. Existing research have documented that the lack of diversity in computer science only exists in western countries such as Denmark and United States, and that the problem is not biology, but instead a cultural problem. Therefore, the first research question guiding the proposed research is: What are the fundamental taken-for-granted assumptions, which creates exclusive and inclusive mechanism in computer science education and profession?

However, the purpose of this research is not only to understand – instead the interest is to make a difference and actively change the current situation. Therefore, the second research question: How can we design, create, and build critical design artefacts, which challenge existing assumptions while propose alternative narratives on computer science education?

To explore this research question, three main research activities will be executed:

  1. Adapting existing femtech.dk initiatives from Denmark to USA
  2. Developing new critical design artefacts utilizing 'design as inquiry' and 'digital fabrication'
  3. Creating the theoretical grounding for Makerspace Methodologies as a research method significantly impacting Human Computer Interaction research

Read more about the research at Femtech.dk and UCPH Makerspace