8 May 2018

Three grants awarded DIKU researchers from Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)

Funding news

Jakob Grue Simonsen, Thomas Wim Hamelryck and Fritz Henglein have received funding for research projects from the councils for Technology & Project Sciences (FTP) and Natural Sciences (FNU).

Professor Fritz Henglein - FUTHARK: Functional Technology for High-performance Architectures

Fritz HengleinFritz Henglein receives a Research project 2 grant from FTP for a project entitled "FUTHARK: Functional Technology for High-performance Architectures". Grant amount is 5.903.550 dkr.
Find project description from FUTHARK here at DFF's website.

Associate Professor Thomas Wim Hamelryck - Resurrecting ancestral proteins in silico to understand how cancer drugs work

Thomas Wim Hamelryck Thomas Wim Hamelryck is granted 2.441.543 dkr from FTP and the Research project 1 instrument for a project on "Ressurrecting ancestral proteins in silico to understand how cancer drugs work".
Find project description here at DFF's website.

Professor Jakob Grue Simonsen - Cons-Free Recursion Theory

Jakob Grue SimonsenJakob Grue Simonsen is awarded a Research project 1 grant of 1.876.069 dkr from FNU with the project title "Cons-Free Recursion Theory".
Find project description of Cons-Free Recursion Theory here at DFF's website.