News 2013

Professor Ingemar Cox now appears in the CS Hall of Fame: He is newly appointed ACM Fellow

11 December 2013

One of the most prestigious awards in Computer Science is the ACM Fellowship, annually awarded by ACM to members for their contributions to computing that are driving innovations across multiple domains and disciplines.

Sarah Niebe contributes to new method used in the Bullet Physics engine

7 November 2013

During development of a new numerical method for rigid body simulation in the Bullet Physics engine, used in Hollywood movies and computer games, PhD student Sarah Niebe contributed an essential part to the research.

Jon Sporring receives distinguished award for article on medical imaging

11 September 2013

Neurosurgeons and neurologists can now look forward to improved tools and methods in their work on different parts of the human brain, e.g. removing a brain tumor. The method utilized is called Functional Imaging that draws precise function maps of the human brain.

DIKU'S career fair for students 2013

28 May 2013

DIKU had its annual career day -  D-day - on Friday

Meeting about cloud in DIKU Business Club

22 April 2013

The meeting in DIKU Business Club this time was about cloud

Esben Warming Pedersen new PhD from DIKU

6 February 2013

Esben Warming Pedersen on 4th February 2013 successfully defended his PhD thesis in computer science on: Grab and Touch - Empirical Research on Tangible Computing and Touch Interaction

Troels Mønsted new PhD from DIKU

30 January 2013

Troels Mønsted on 18th January 2013 successfully defended his PhD thesis in computer science on: Medical Emplotment – Designing IT for Distributed Healthcare.