08 March 2013

Sebastian Boring wins Innovation Prize at CeBIT

Assistant professor Sebastian Boring at the Department of Computer Science wins second prize at CeBIT innovation awards: his app makes your phone a 'projector'

The app, developed by Sebastian Boring of the Department of Computer Science, DIKU, University of Copenhagen and Dominikus Baur, University of Calgary, was runner-up Tuesday in CeBIT’s Innovation Award in Hannover, Germany. The award is given out to the most innovative consumer electronics product every year.

“We can easily bring photos from an iPhone to any display in the world. The metaphor we like to use is one of a projector. Move the phone closer to the screen, and the picture gets bigger. Move back, and it gets smaller. Tilting it to the side, also tilts the ‘projected’ picture. To accomplish this, the phone does complex spacial arithmetic, based on data it gathers from its rear-facing camera, along with its accelerometer”, professor Boring says to the University Post from Hannover.

Read the entire article in the University Post