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DIKU and Social Media

We communicate to different audiences that we want to address on relevant platforms - be it current and future students, science journalists, job seekers, scientists, the business community or our alumnis.

We would like to keep you updated on events, informed of new research, news about names or other stories from the department. We recommend that you follow one or more of the following media:


DIKU - Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
The official Facebook page. This is the page for you if you want to stay updated on news, research, events etc. If you only want to follow one page this should be it. The page is mostly in Danish. Find the page here

Læs datalogi på KU (Study Computer Science at UCPH)
This page is targeted at future bachelor students and everyone who would be interested in knowing more about studying computer science at UCPH. Tha page is in Danish. Find the page here

Study Computer Science at University of Copenhagen
For international students who want to know more about studying computer science at the department. Find the page here

DIKU Alumni

A page for DIKU alumnis who wants to keep up with what is going on at the department. The page is mostly in Danish. Find the page here

DIKU Stud. 
A Facebook page for current students at DIKU. Find the page here



Our company page. We will keep you posted on research news, relevant events and news about names. Find the page here

DIKU Business Club
A group for members of DIKU Business Club. Announcements of events for members, news about the DIKU Career Fair and Business Collaboration in generel. Find the group here

DIKU Alumni
A group for DIKU alumni. News and events for alumnis from the department. Find the group here


DIKU's official twitter profile. News about computer science from the department and the media, events, new research etc. Find the profile here



Our Instagram profile is primarily for current and coming students at the department. If you want to get a little closer to everyday student life, meet the students, see snapshots from our events - this is the profile to follow. Find the profile here


DIKU - Datalogisk Institut, Københavns Universitet
Our YouTube channel - we publish videos from events, interviews, talks etc. Find our YouTube channel here