Research Centres and Groups

We have two main centres: Basic Algorithms Research in Copenhagen (BARC) supported by the VILLUM foundation and Danish Center for Big Data Analytics driven Innovation (DABAI) supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark. BARC has a theoretical focus and involves researchers from both KU and ITU. DABAI is more focused on data analysis and industry. In collaboration, DABAI propels relevant discoveries from BARC to reach beyond its theoretical core, and to impact science and industry.

DAnish Center for Big Data Analytics driven Innovation (DABAI)

DABAI is a public-private partnership to boost the exploitation of big data. The vision is to place world-class computer science Big Data analysis research and innovation at the core of an effort to seize opportunities in domains of importance to Danish businesses and society. 

Dynamic and Static Graph Algorithms and Data Structures

The project focuses on algorithms theory for graph problems such as shortest paths, minimum spanning tree, and max flow, in static graphs as well as in a dynamic setting. A key goal is to obtain a better understanding of the true time and space complexities of such problems by developing more efficient algorithms and data structures than state-of-the-art.