AlgoDisc - Discrete mathematics, algorithms and data structures

AlgoDisc is a research project which combines discrete mathematics, algorithms and data structures.

Discrete mathematics is a relatively new branch of mathematics and is in rapid development, amongst other reasons due to its applications in other branches of mathematics (topology, geometry, logic etc.) as well as its applications in engineering, operational analysis and computer science.

Research groups at DTU, SDU, KU and AAU have distinguished themselves internationally through publications in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science and by arranging international meetings, editorial work for international journals, plenary lectures at international conferences etc..

  • The depth of the research is illustrated through the solving of previously unsolved theoretical problems.
  • The breadth of the research is illustrated by the many collaborators in scientific publications and similar.
  • The importance of the research is illustrated by the coverage of the research in text books and scientific publications as well as positions in various rankings.

The interaction between mathematics and theoretical computer science

One of the main goals of the collaboration is to strengthen the interaction between mathematics (graph theory) and theoretical computer science (algorithms, data structures). This interaction is twofold: graph theory is a useful tool to analyse problems in computer science, and in return these problems help formulate relevant mathematical questions. Another main goal is to strengthen the Danish and international connections when working with known, difficult mathematical problems and relate these to applied issues.

The project is financing a number of Ph.D.'s and a postdoc at the four universities and continues until the Summer of 2016.