The Work and Visions of Mihai Patrascu – University of Copenhagen

The Work and Visions of Mihai Patrascu

Talk by Mikkel Thorup about Mihai Patrascu

Mihai Patrascu was one of the most inspired young researchers ever in theoretical computer science. He passed away at age 29, but had an explosive carrier, full of rich and beautiful ideas as witnessed, e.g., in his 20 STOC/FOCS papers. (his papers can be found here).

Mikkel Thorup was Mihai Patrascu's main collaborator, and will talk about some of Mihai Patrascu's work, e.g., elegant breakthrough results he did already as an undergraduate. Mikkel Thorup will also talk about some of the fundamental problems Mihai Patrascu posed as challenges for our understanding of data structures.