HCC Talks September – University of Copenhagen

HCC Talks September

Welcome to the HCC talks of September (held the first Friday of October). The program for this month's  talks includes:

Joanna Bergström-Lehtovirta

Modeling human hand function in mobile touchscreen interaction

Interaction with a hand-held interface represents an object manipulation task from a physical and sensorimotor perspective. Using tools or manipulating physical objects regular in our daily life mainly consists of gripping actions. In addition to gripping, mobile interfaces also require input that is often performed as aimed movements of the fingers. This double task causes a trade-off to the motor resources of the hand, particularly when performed with one hand only. Therefore, the aimed movements depend on the grip and vice versa.

In this talk I present a model for the functional area of the thumb on a mobile touchscreen. The model predicts the functional area for a given device size, hand size, and grip. The model can be applied 1) to design the placement of interface elements, 2) to evaluate if an interface is suitable to one-hand interaction, and 3) to refine adaptive touchscreen layouts that use on-device grip-sensing.

Jean-Yves Moyen

Implicit Computational Complexity

ICC aims at finding syntactic criterion that ensure semantic properties. Ideally, we'd like to have a compiler which is able to tell us the complexity of the program just compiled.

In this short presentation, I'll introduce ICC as well as some of its main questions.