Systems Development

Systems development as a research area covers research into how Information Technology (IT) systems are created in ways that are effective and efficient. The area investigates analysis, design, construction maintenance, processes, tools, and methods for systems development. In the HCC section, we focus on approaches to systems development with active stakeholder involvement and we integrate design-oriented and technology-oriented research. Our current focus is on participatory design, design interventions, prototyping, software architecture, software ecosystems, and software evolution.

Current research projects

  • Akhera – software architecture evolution of complex software systems

Recent research projects

The CITH project (2008-2013) focused on the treatment and telemonitoring of chronic heart failure patients with an advanced pacemaker (ICD) at the Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet and Bispebjerg Hospital. The project developed and tested web-based prototypes of patient-centered e-health applications and inter-institutional communication for clinicians.

The Net4Care project designed and created prototypes of an ecosystem for telemedicine applications in order to accelerate the development of and create a new market for healthcare services.

  • Connect2Care

The Connect2Care project identified and developed open technical standards, with a special focus on ICT-based solutions in and around the home.

    Completed PhD projects