24 September 2014

Danish scientists best at diagnosing dementia

Alzheimers, medical imaging

At the recent MICCAIR conference in Boston, USA, the Danish participants from Department of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen demonstrated their skills in medical imaging, when they won the competition in computing methods for diagnosing Alzheimers disease using MR scans.

ALZHEIMERS - At the newly held MICCAI 2014 conference at MIT, USA 1200 scientists from all over the world met to discuss progress using computer analysis of medical scans. In this context, 15 teams from leading universities competed on providing the most accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease by using a MR scan of the brain.

The Danish team comprising of DIKU researchers and those from Biomediq won the competition by matching the greatest percentage of 353 scans with the clinical diagnosis. The Danes came in first, Imperial College second, and MIT third.

“Computer analysis of MR brain scans can be used for providing precise figures for different parts of the brain, size, shape and color.

This information can provide a substantial input for neurologists when making a complex diagnosis and be useful in assessing whether a treatment has had the desired effect.

In the future, this will become an integral part of the clinical process” says professor Mads Nielsen, DIKU and Managing Director at Biomediq.