7 November 2013

Lars Lau Rakêt awarded the University of Copenhagen Silver Medal

Lars Lau Rakêt was awarded this years University of Copenhagen Silver Medal for his thesis "Duality based optical flow algorithms with applications" (PDF), as an answer to the topic “Regularized energy methods in image analysis”, proposed by Department of Computer Science in 2011.

Significant scientific contribution

The review committee found that the thesis marked a significant scientific contribution to the field, and that the presented methods were successfully applied to a very broad range of applications, several of which demonstrated cutting-edge performance.

The medal will be presented to Lars Lau Rakêt at the University of Copenhagen's Annual Commemoration, 15 November 2013.

About Lars Lau Rakêt

Lars Lau Rakêt is currently a PhD student at the Image Group, where he is developing methods for analyzing and processing image and video data. His optical flow algorithms are used in a number of state-of-the-art distributed video codecs.