19 August 2014

The Image Section is moving


The image section is moving on the 1st of September. The group had offices in Universitetsparken 5, also known as the HCØ Building but has now moved to Sigurdsgade 41 close to the campus area.

The Image Section has now initiated its move from Universitetsparken to Sigurdsgade 41. As a consequence of the move, more space is available to our Department. Also part of the administration, Lisa Schulz, and the Research Support Function, Camilla Holm Jørgensen, Kasper, Christen and Susan Ipsen will have offices at Sigurdsgade 41.

Furthermore, the image section have agreed that it is expedient to assemble the activities related to machine learning, pattern recognition, and information retrieval in Sigurdsgade. As a consequence, the information retrieval group consisting of Ingemar Cox, Christina Lioma, Casper Petersen and Brian Brost will move from the HCC Section to the Image Section in Sigurdsgade.

This will strengthen this research area by exploring synergies with Christian Igel, DIKU's new assistant professor in machine learning, Yevgeny Seldin, and all the other members of the Image Section performing related work.

The location