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Christoffer Olling Back

Christoffer Olling Back

PhD Student

My research focus is on business process analytics and process mining, a form of data mining which aims at extracting business process models from event logs for purposes of bottleneck identification, compliance checking, operational support, and more. In particular, I am working on methods for constructing hybrid process models, i.e. models which combine imperative (flow-based) and declarative (constraint-based) paradigms.

I'm generally interested in artificial intelligence, particularly pattern recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing, as well as digital fabrication technology.

I'm also an established glass artist/designer and founder of Olling Glass. In this context my current focus is on developing a novel technology for fabricating glass objects and corresponding product design software.


MSc Artificial Intelligence (University of Edinburgh)
BA Psychology (Lewis & Clark College)
BA Applied Arts (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)
Mathematics, final year Bachelor level coursework (Roskilde University)

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