Erik Frøkjær

Erik Frøkjær

Associate professor emeritus

Erik Frøkjær is a computer scientist and associate professor at Copenhagen University's department of computer science (DIKU). He is currently interested in human-computer usability research, computing as a human and social activity, and descriptive psychology. Before that he has published about e.g. management and development of information systems, expert support systems and more broadly on computing and human activities.

He joined the university in 1985 after twelve years in industry as systems developer and IT consultant for private enterprises and governmental agencies. He has a MSc in Electrical and in Mathematical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (1973), and a BSc in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School (1977). He has managed a number of large IT and organization development projects, most importantly chairing the Danish cross-department Geographical InformationSystems Committee under the Ministry of Finance (Georegistergruppen 1985) which formed the foundation for the comprehensive modernization of the Danish GIS-systems in the late 1980'es. In 1990 he designed a new editing and publishing system for "Karnovs Lovsamling" which today is in use also at a number of large international publishing houses, owned by the Thompson Publishing Group.

Currently he is heading the research group at DIKU with focus on human-centered computing.

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