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Fritz Henglein

Fritz Henglein

    Member of:

    • The APL Section

    Primary fields of research

    Algorithmic, semantic and logical aspects of programming languages
    Type systems, type inference and type-based program analysis
    Algorithmic functional programming
    Application of programming language technology to enterprise, financial, healthcare, e-government systems, etc.

    Current research

    Ongoing research projects:
    Applications and Principles of Programming Languages (APPL)
    3d generation Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (3gERP),
    Trustworthy Pervasive Healthcare Services (TrustCare),


    See my home page:

    Fields of interest

    See primary fields of research.

    Beyond this I am interested in the following:

    Simple software---useful high-performance software with orders of magnitude less code than conventional software 

    Logic, mathematics and statistics---for fun and practical use, both abstract stuff and useful stuff (particularly useful abstract stuff) 

    Soccer (both active and watching)

    Movies (from Avatar to Brazil and beyond) 

    Good food (eating it, I'm not much of a cook)

    Agile businesses (e.g. previous DIKU spin-off Hafnium ApS, my farm, or my 17-year old son's Bavarian beer import company)



    ID: 7193