Linea Hasager

Linea Hasager

Assistant Lecturer, Postdoc

Primary fields of research

My areas of interest are labor economics, immigration, and applied microeconometrics.

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Selected work in progress

  • Language Training and Refugees' Integration (with Jacob Arendt, Iben Bolvig, Mette Foged & Giovanni Peri), NBER Working Paper No. 26834. (Under review)
  • Sick of Your Poor Neighborhood? Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Neighborhood Effects on Health (with Mia Herløv Jørgensen), CEBI Working Paper 02-21.
  • The Role of Labor Market Institutions in the Impact of Immigration on Wages and Employment (with Mette Foged & Vasil Yasenov), CReAM Discussion Paper 07/21. (Revise & Resubmit)
  • Does Granting Asylum to Family-Reunified Women Improve Their Integration?
  • Mandatory Daycare for 1-Year Olds: Alleviating Barriers to Integration of Female Refugees and Their Children? (with Mette Foged)


Non-refereed publications


Teaching assistant in Econometrics A.

Teaching assistant in Principles of Economics.

ID: 164724496