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As a scholar who is at the intersection of technologies and humanities, I have studied various Information Technologies as well as collaborative and communicative practices across several sectors and countries. This includes, the use of case handling systems in the administrative sector (employment centre) in Denmark, the role that IT can play in Palestine in terms of social change, the design and implementation of e-voting technologies in Denmark, the development and use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in Canada (non-profit clinic in Vancouver) and in Norway (the National Hospital in Oslo), and finally, the implementation of broadband in remote and rural areas in British Columbia (Canada). Grounded within the qualitative empirical tradition of practice-based perspective, I am committed to developing theoretical and conceptual frameworks useful for understanding collaborative and communicative practices, and designing technologies to support these practices.

Primary fields of research

- Technology and Welfare states (social work, case handling systems, street-level bureaucrats)

- Implementation of e-voting machines; election practice

- Technologies in conflict areas; startups and entrepreneurships in conflict areas

- Healthcare technologies (EPRs, EHRs, EMRs); healthcare informatics

Current research

Computational artifacts (www.compart.ku.dk): The project aims to develop a conceptual foundation for understanding and implementing computational artefacts in cooperative work settings, as these are increasingly being used to regulate human interactions. I am carrying out ethnographic fieldwork in an employment centre in Denmark, focusing on the complex interplay between the unemployed citizen and the bureaucratic machine (constituting of caseworkers, different technologies and artefacts, policies and regulations, norms, etc.). 


Courses taught at the University of Copenhagen

Communication and IT

  • Design Project (BA)
  • Communication and IT supported Cooperative work in Organizations (MA)

Courses taught at the IT University of Copenhagen

  • The Art of Writing and Reviewing Papers (PhD course: 2013)
  • Business Processes and Organization (BA in Software Development: 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014)
  • IT & Work Design (BA course in Global Business Informatics:2011, 2012, 2014).

Supervision areas

  • Healthcare technologies; healthcare informatics;
  • Implementation of e-voting machines; election practice;
  • Technologies in conflict areas; startups;
  • Science and Technology Studies (STS); Actor Network Theory (ANT)
  • Computer Support Cooperative Work (CSCW); Information System (IS);
  • Participatory Design (PD); Human-Computer Interaction (HCI);
  • Ethnography; action research; interventionist research; grounded theory;
  • reflexive methodologies; autobiographies and confessionals.

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