Desmond Elliott

Desmond Elliott

Assistant professor, tenure track, Associate Professor

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    Primary fields of research

    My research focuses on building and and understanding multimodal and multilingual models. I have a specific focus on vision and language models, and tokenization-free approaches to NLP.

    My research received the Best Long Paper Award at EMNLP 2021 and an Area Chair Favourite paper at COLING 2018.


    I teach Bachelor and Master's level courses in the department.

    I am course-responsible for Advanced Topics in Natural Languge Processing (2019-), Grundlæggende Data Science (2023-), and previously for Data Science (2021-2023).

    I contribute to teaching on Natural Language Processing (2023-), Fair and Transparent Machine Learning (2023-), and previously for Information Retrieval (2019-2021).

    Selected prizes

    1. Best Long Paper Award

      Elliott, Desmond (Recipient) & Bugliarello, Emanuele (Recipient), 10 Nov 2021

      Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions

    ID: 202364876