Yiwen Wang

Yiwen Wang

Research assistant

Fields of interest

·Data Management and Analysis

·Social Computing


Current research

·2017/06–NOW Vecstra: An Efficient and Scalable In-Memory database of Vector and Raster Data.

Build an efficient and scalable in-memory database that provide geospatial services to users.


Primary fields of research

·2016/03–2017/03 Research of Personalized Travel Route Planning based on POI-Spatial Network.

Implement a system combining social hot spot data (POIs) and spatial data in Nanjing city to do personalized travel trip recommendations.

·2015/09–2015/12 Research of Personalized Travel Itinerary Planning based on Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm under Multi-Constraints.

Propose a personalized travel route planning problem (PTRP) that is directly interpreted as a multi-objective problem under multi-constraints. An evolution strategy of non-dominated sorting ranking and Tabu search is proposed to handle the optimization of PTRP.

·2015/03–2015/09 Prosodic Head Motion Generation From Text for a Chinese Talking Avatar.

Design a prediction model based on the talking avatar and aims to analyze the relationship between the text-based prosodic features and the nodding of head movements.

·2015/06–2015/07 Web Services of Film Search based on RESTful and SOAP.

Accomplish a web service based on RESTful and SOAP that provide users film information.

·2015/07–2015/08 Travel Website based In ASP.NET webform and MVC.

Use ASP.NET to build the travel website by webform and MVC architecture.

·2015/03–2015/06 Design and development of a distributed Hotel booking System using RMI, CORBA, and HTTP.

Implement a booking system based on HOPP structure using the socket, RMI, COBRA information transmission mechanisms and compare them.

·2015/03–2015/06 Research of Neural Network Problem: Weather Forecast Classification

Complete a common weather forecast application of MFNN neural networks.

·2014/10–2015/06 Implementation of Android projects

Analyze demands and requirements, then designing system architecture, In charge of UI design, login, and query programming implementation.

·2013/12–2014/06 Research and Implementation of CCSDS Image Compression Algorithm

Implement CCSDS standard algorithm, complete image compression based on discrete wavelet transform and the bit-plane coding and compare results with JPEG2000.

·2012/03–2012/06 Design and implementation of Map data compression

Implement lossless data compression methods for images. The compressed map has a high data compression ratio and can be quickly recovered.


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