Tekniske rapporter 1996

Operational Reduction Models for Functional Programming Languages (96-01)
Kristoffer Rose
Dynamic and Sensitivity Algorithms for Alle Shortest Paths (96-02)
Stephen Alstrup and Peter W. Lauridsen
A simple dynamic algorithm for maintaining a dominator tree (96-03)
Stephen Alstrup
An O (|V| * |E|) Algorithm for Finding Immediate Multiple-Vertex Dominators (96-04)
Stephen Alstrup, Jens Clausen and Kristian Jørgensen
Static Dictionaries on AC0 RAMs: Query time ( log n / log log n) is necessary and sufficient (96-05)
Arne Andersson, Peter Bro Miltersen, Søren Riis and Mikkel Thorup
This report will not be printed (96-06)
The Concept of a Functional Integral, A Potentially Interesting Method for Image Processing (96-07)
Luc Florack
Experiments with universal hashing (96-08)
Jyrki Katajainen and Michael Lykke
Decremental Dynamic Connectivity (96-09)
Mikkel Thorup
Stable map theory (96-10)
Klaus Grue
A k-denotational semantics for Map Theory in ZFC + SI (96-11)
Klaus Grue
Message-Driven Consistency on a Network of Workstations (96-12)
Povl Koch
Data, Models and Images (96-13)
Luc Florack
QAPLIB-A Quadratic Assignment Problem Library (96-14)
Rainer E. Burkard, Stefan E. Karisch and Franz Rendl
The Intrinsic Structure of Optic Flow Incorporating Measurement Duality (96-15)
Luc Florack, Wiro Niessen and Mads Nielsen
On the Best Search Strategy in Parallel Branch-and-Bound - Best-First-Search vs. Lazy Depth-First-Search (96-16)
Jens Clausen and Michael Perregaard
Local Disparity Structure by Scale-space Operators (96-17)
Mads Nielsen, Robert Maas, Wiro Niessen, Luc Florack and Bart ter Haar Romeny
An Easily Computable Lower Bound for the Graph Partitioning Problem (96-18)
Jens Clausen, Andrea Sterbini and Jesper Larsson Træff
Proceedings of the Copenhagen Workshop on Gaussian Scale-Space Theory (96-19)
Peter Johansen
Objekter i relationsdatabaser? - generering af interface udfra mapning på modelniveau (96-20)
Jette Holm Broløs og Kristian Bang Pilgaard
Computability and Complexity from a Programming Perspective (DRAFT) (96-21)
Neil Jones
Proceedings fra Den Femte Danske Konference om Mønstergenkendelse og Billedanalyse (96-22)
Peter Johansen
Joining Forces in Solving Large-Scale Quadratic Assignment Problems in Parallel (96-23)
Adrian BrXngger, Ambros Marzetta, Jens Clausen and Michael Perregaard
On the Applicability of Lower Bounds for Solving Rectilinear Quadratic Assignment Problems in Parallel (96-24)
Jens Clausen, Stefan E. Karisch, Michael Perregaard and Franz Rendl
A simple Highly-Parallel Method for ODEs (96-25)
Jørgen Sand and Kevin Burrage
Improved routing on trees (96-26)
Stephen Alstrup, Jacob Holm and Kristian de Lichtenberg
CONS-Free Programs with Tree Input (96-27)
Amir M. Ben-Amram
A Calculus for Boxing Analysis of Polymorphically Typed Languages (96-28)
Jesper Jørgensen
Strongly correlated knapsack problems are trivial to solve (96-29)
David Pisinger
Multi-Scale Segmentation of Grey-Scale Images (96-30)
Ole Fogh Olsen
Reserved (96-31)
Jyrki Katajainen
Semidefinite programming relaxations for the quadratic assignment problem (96-32)
Qing Zhao, Franz Rendl, Henry Wolkowicz and Stefan E. Karisch
On the duality of scalar and density flows (96-33)
Mads Nielsen, Wiro Niessen, Robert Maas, Luc Florack and Bartter Haar Romeny
Large Euclidean Steiner Minimum Trees in an Hour (96-34)
Pawel Winter and Martin Zachariasen
Dominators in Linear Time (96-35)
Stephen Alstrup, Mikkel Thorup and Peter W. Lauridsen
Reserved (96-36)
Jens Clausen
On Generalized Entropies and Scale-Space (96-37)
Jon Sporring and Joachim Weickert
Java og WWW Services (96-38)
Morten Frank and Max Melchior
On "A Complementary Problem" of Courant and Robbins (96-39)
Jakob Krarup
External heaps combined with effective buffering (96-40)
Ramzi Fadel, Jyrki Katajainen, Kim Vagn Jacobsen and Jukka Teuhola
A meticulous analysis of mergesort programs (96-41)
Jyrki Katajainen and Jesper Larsson Træff
The ultimate heapsort (96-42)
Jyrki Katajainen