Tekniske rapporter 2002

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Generative-Model-Based Vision: GMBV2002 (02-01)
Arthur E.C. Pece (ed.)
Profiling the Predator Query Execution Engine (02-02)
Bjarke Buur Mortensen
Evaluation of Bluetooth Communication: Simulation and Experiments (02-03)
Martin Leopold
An Introduction to Approximating Heterogeneous Bounding Volume Hierarchies (02-04)
Kenny Erleben
Usability of Information Visualization: Reading and Interaction Processes (02-05)
Kasper Hornbæk
Module Based Design for Rigid Body Simulators (02-06)
Kenny Erleben
Proceedings of Second Verification Workshop - VERIFY?02 (02-07)
Serge Autexier and Heiko Mantel (eds.)
Proceedings of CiAD?02 (02-08)
Georg Gottlob, Miki Hermann and Michael Rusinowitch (eds.)
Proceedings of RADM?02 (02-09)
Simon Colton and Volkeer Sorge (eds.)
Proceedings of PaPS?02 (02-10)
Geoff Sutcliffe, Jeff Pelletier and Christian Suttner (eds.)
Reserveret - FLoC?02 (02-11)
Proceedings of Workshop on Foundation of Computer Security (FCS?02) (02-12)
Iliano Cervesato (ed.)
Proceedings of HOR?02 (02-13)
Delia Kesner, Tobias Nipkow and Femke Van Raamsdonk (eds.)
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Runtime Verification (RV?02) (02-14)
Klaus Havelund and Grigore Rosu (eds.)
Den 11. Danske Konference i Mønstergenkendelse og Billedanalyse (02-15)
Søren I. Olsen
Group and Spanning Steiner Trees (02-16)
David Grove Jørgensen
B-splines (02-17)
Kenny Erleben og Knud Henriksen
Scripted Bodies and Spline Driven Animation (02-18)
Kenny Erleben og Knud Henriksen
Proceedings of the Second Danish Human-Computer Interaction Research Symposium (02-19)
Erik Frøkjær og Kasper Hornbæk (eds.)
Leveraging Non-Uniform Resources for Parallel Query Processing (02-20)
Tobias Mayr, Philippe Bonnet, Johannes Gehrke, Praveen Seshadri
Map Theory with Classical Maps (02-21)
Klaus Grue
Canonical Forms and Algorithms for Steiner Trees in Uniform Orientation Metrics (02-22)
Marcus Brazil, Doreen A. Thomas, Jia F. Weng, Martin Zachariasen