Tekniske rapporter 2006

Evaluation of a Web-based Sensor Network Interface (06-01)

Marcus Chang

This paper evaluates the wireless sensor network testbed at Harvard University from a user's perspective qualitatively by evaluating the web-based user interface and quantitatively by running several pre- and custom-made programs on the testbed. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide feedback to the "TinyOS Testbed Working Group" ...

Evaluation of Accelerometers Mounted on Wireless Sensor Motes (06-02)

Marcus Chang (Joint technical report with Cambridge University)
Hele rapporten: 06-02.pdf (4.2MB)

In this project we investigate the properties of accelerometers mounted on wireless sensor devices with the purpose of mounting wireless sensors on athletes to facilitate performance measurement. To this end a heterogenious data collection architecture with a system wide sampling rate of 200 Hz was developed to facilitate the evaluation ...

keywords: wireless sensor networks, WSN, accelerometers, dead reckoning, Analog Devices ADXL202E, Freescale MMA1260D, Freescale MMA6261Q, TinyOS, time synchronization, Reference Broadcast Synchronization 

A non-robust Branch-and-Cut-and-Price algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (06-03)

Mads Jepsen, Bjørn Petersen, Simon Spoorendonk, David Pisinger
Hele rapporten: 06-03.pdf (298KB)

This paper presents a non-robust Branch-and-Cut-and-Price algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows. The standard Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition leads to a Set Partition Problem as master problem and an Elementary Shortest Path Problem with Resource Constraints as the pricing problem ...

Evaluation of Piezoelectric Film Sensors for In-Shoe Pressure Measurement (06-04)

Jacob Munk-Stander
Hele rapporten: 06-04.pdf (1.1MB)

Algorithmic Aspects of Divisor-Based Biproportional Routing (06-05)

Martin Zachariasen

Blink: 3D Display Multiplexing for Virtualized Applications (06-06)

Jacob Gorm Hansen
Hele rapporten: 06-06.pdf (312KB)

Proceedings of the 2nd DIKU-IST Joint Workshop on Foundations of Software (06-07)

Robert Glück and Zhenjiang Hu (Eds.)
Hele rapporten: 06-07.pdf (15.6MB)

Proceedings fra den 15. Danske Konference i Mønstergenkendelse og Billedanalyse (06-08)

Eds. Søren I. Olsen
Hele rapporten: 06-08.pdf (10.6MB)

A Simple Plane Patcher Algorithm (06-09)

Kenny Erleben and Knud Henriksen
Hele rapporten: 06-09.pdf (1.2MB)

Never Mind the Standard: Here is the TinyOS 802.15.4 Stack (06-10)

Jan Flora and Philippe Bonnet
Hele rapporten: 06-10.pdf (289KB)

Steiner Trees for Fixed Orientation Metrics (06-11)

Marcus Brazil and Martin Zachariasen
Hele rapporten: 06-11.pdf (427KB)

Review of Clinical Applications with Human Accelerometry (06-12)

Marcus Chang
Hele rapporten: 06-12.pdf (417KB)

Heuristic approaches for the two- and three-dimensional knapsack packing problems (06-13)

David Pisinger and Jens Egeblad
Hele rapporten: 06-13.pdf (376KB)