Tekniske rapporter 2007

What Makes a Developers Heart Tick? Characterizing Effective Feedback from Usability Evaluation (07-01)
Mie Nørgaard and Kasper Hornbæk
The Off-line Group Seat Reservation Problem (07-02)
Tommy Clausen, Allan Norlunde Hjorth, Morten Nielsen, David Pisinger
Video Upscaling Using Variational Methods (07-03)
Sune Høgild Keller
Using Implicit Skeleton Shape Representations for Volumentric Shell Meshing (07-04)
Kenny Erleben
HogthrobV0 Users Manual (07-05)
Martin Leopold
Characterizing Mote Performance: A Vector-Based Methodology (07-06)
Martin Leopold, Marcus Chang, Philippe Bonnet
Proceedings of the 3rd DIKU-IST Joint Workshop on Foundations of Software (07-07)
Robert Glück and Masami Hagiya (Eds.)
Statistical Classification and Level Set Methods in Medical Image Analysis Quantitative Evaluation of Articular Cartilage in Knee MRI (07-08)
Jenny Folkesson
Creating a New Platform for TinyOS 2.x (07-09)
Martin Leopold