Tekniske rapporter 2011

2011/1  Proceedings of the 4th DIKU-IST Joint Workshop on Foundations of Software
Robert Glück, Fritz Henglein, Zhenjiang Hu, Masato Takeichi (Eds.)., February 2011 

2011/2  A geometric framework for statistics on trees
Aasa Feragen, Mads Nielsen, Søren Hauberg, Pechin Lo, Marleen de Bruijne and François Lauze, April 2011

2011/3 Fast Training of Multi-Class Support Vector Machines

Ürün Dogan, Tobias Glasmachers and Christian Igel, March 2011

2011/4 Jacobians for Lebesgue Registrations for a range of Similarity Measures
Jon Sporring and Sune Darkner, May 2011

2011/5 Workshop in Breast Image Analysis

Christine Tanner, Julia Schnabel, Nico Karssemeijer, Mads Nielsen, Maryellen Giger, Dawid Hawkes (Eds.),

2011/6 On Variational Methods for Motion Compensated Inpainting

Francois Lauze and Mads Nielsen, October 2011