PhD Course and Summer School Archive

Courses previously held by the eScience Research School.

PhD Course in Applied Nonsmooth Analysis and Multilevel Methods
PhD Course in Non-rigid Modeling and Simulation
PhD Course in Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics
Summer School on Advances in Image, Motion and Video Coding and Processing
Summer School on Domain Adaptation Theory and Applications
Summer School on Graphs in Computer Graphics, Image and Signal Analysis
Summer School on Manifold Learning in Image and Signal Analysis
Summer School on Sparse Representations and Sparse Coding
OpenCL for researchers
Summer School: Tensors and Tensor Fields in Imaging
International PhD course on Inverse Problems with Applications in Tomography and Imaging (June 16th-20th, 2014)
PhD course on Information Geometry in Learning and Optimization (September 22-26, 2014)
International Summer School on Deep Learning in Image Analysis (August 18-22, 2014)