PhD Course in Non-rigid Modeling and Simulation

Location and Date: Copenhagen, Denmark, November 8-10, 2010

The focus is on computational and mathematical aspects of non-rigid modeling in interactive physics simulation. The targeted audience is PhD students in Science (mainly eScience, Computer Science, IT and Physics) working with computational and mathematical modeling and simulation. The scope is to show the audience how a modeling process takes on from a physical problem to a discrete method suitable for computations. Advanced applications and perspective of the topics is given with weight on latest developments and research results taking outset in the invited lectures.



Matthias Teschner:

Brian Vinter:

  • Next Generation Processors

Course Credit

2,5 ECTS
To obtain course credit, students must present a poster describing their PhD project and participate in all programming exercises. The students are responsible for the preparation and printing of posters.


The course is no longer open for registration.

The course fees are:

  • Free of charge for all PhD students in academia
  • Only 75€ for non-academia participating in the VRIPHYS conference
  • 300€ for people not in the above categories


A special discount has been arranged with the Comfort Hotel Østerport, for more on this please see

Preliminary Program

The program is subject to changes. For the recommended syllabus, please refer to this list.


8th of November  9th of November  10th of November 
08.30-09.00 Coffee

Coffee  Coffee 

Introduction to Modeling
and Simulation
Deformable Shapes
(Andreas Bærentzen)
Introduction to distance fields and level set methods. Introduction to Deformable Simplicial Complexes.
Application cases: Mesh
Reconstruction and Mesh Optimization

Collision Detection
(Matthias Teschner)
Behavior, Constraints and Materials
(Miguel A. Otaduy)
11.00-11.30 Coffee

Coffee Coffee
11.30-13.00  Interactive Deformable Modeling
(Matthias Teschner)

Introduction to Linear
Complementarity Problems
(Kenny Erleben)

Programming Exercise
(Kenny Erleben)
Solving LCPs

Introduction to Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)
(Kenny Erleben)

Programming Exercise
(Kenny Erleben)

13.00-14.00  Lunch

Lunch  Lunch 
14.00-16.00  Introduction to Finite Element Modeling and
Linear Elasticity
(Kenny Erleben)
Contact Forces
(Miguel A. Otaduy)

Gridding and Neighborhood
searches in SPH
(Matthias Teschner)

(Brian Vinter)

16.00-16.30  Coffee

Coffee Coffee
16.30-17.30  Programming Exercise
(Kenny Erleben)
Playing with FEM

PhD Project Poster
(All participants)
Parallelism Contd.
(Brian Vinter)
19.00-??.??    Network Event