Summer School on Manifold Learning in Image and Signal Analysis

Location and Date: Ven, Sweden, August 17-21, 2009

Many interesting problems involve the description of and statistics on hyper-dimensional manifolds. An example is biological shape, where a single shape can be represented as a point in a high-dimensional shape space. A set of shapes will therefore constitute a sampled manifold in that space. The topic of this summer school is the mathematical and statistical description of such manifolds. An important aspect is the ability to reduce the dimensions of the embedding space. Typically, this is done by removing the dimensions that contain redundant information or noise. 

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Course Credit

2.5 (+2.5) ECTS
2.5 ECTS points are awarded for participation, an additional 2.5 points can be achieved by students who either do a poster presentation or write a small report on how the topics covered by the summer school can be related to their own PhD project.


The summer school is no longer open for registration.