Mads Nielsen has and M.Sc. in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Image Analysis from University of Copenhagen. He has done research in the mathematical foundation of image analysis, computer vision, medical image analysis, and the foundation of quantitative imaging biomarkers and their use in epidemiology.

He has performedresearch at INRIA, France, Utrecht University, NL, Faculty of Health and Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, as well as in the industry at Nordic Bioscience A/S and Synarc Inc. He has been teaching at UCPH, DTU, CBS, and ITU where he also was in charge of building the programs in Multi-media technologies.

He has published more than 200 research papers, graduated more than 25 Ph.D.s and been principal investigator on research grants for 100 MDKK+. Currently he is professor at Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, heading the Image Section, and CEO and co-founder of Biomediq A/S.