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05. februar 2014

Combine your master thesis project with a job as student research programmer

As part of the research project Droner til monitorering af flerårigt ukrudt i korn (Drones for monitoring weed in cornfields), applicants are invited for a part-time job as programmer. The job includes implementation and development of methods for image analysis and classification of weed in images of cornfields. The images will be acquired using a small drone (hexacopter). Applicants wishing to undertake a master thesis project within the area will be preferred.

The project is made in cooperation between the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (both University of Copenhagen) and Knowledge Centre for Agriculture. Most of the work will take place at Department of Computer Science and may start March 15, 2014 and last until January 2015.

We expect you to have graduated your BSc in Computer Science, to have passed the course Data Analysis (or similar) and that you have taken or plan to take the courses Signal and Image processing and Statistical Methods for Machine Learning. Also we expect you to have excellent competences in programming in Matlab, Python or C++.

The job is scheduled to up to 15 hours a week. We are flexible for instance during exam time but hope that you will be flexible too. Salary and terms of employment are set in ”fællesoverenskomsten mellem Finansministeriet og Offentligt Ansattes Organisationer - Det Statslige Område (OAO-S) og organisationsaftalen for PROSA”.

Please submit your application - including print of the exam protocol, together with other relevant information, no later than March 1 to Associate Professor Søren Olsen, Department of Computer Science, Universitetsparken 5, mail:, phone: 35 32 14 58. If you have any questions feel free to contact Søren Olsen.