11. marts 2014

Sarah Niebe ny ph.d fra DIKU

Sarah Niebe forsvarede den 7. marts 2014 sin ph.d.-afhandling med titlen: Rigid bodies in contact - and everything in between.

DIKU ønsker Sarah tillykke med ph.d.-graden.


Physical simulation is a tool used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from the
simplest video game to the most complex engineering software. At the core of physical
simulation, lies the contact force problem. Since the early days of physical simulation, in the mid-eighties, several models for this contact force problem have been proposed and examined.
The focus of this thesis was not only the contact force models, but also the numerical
methods to solve them, the key points being the accuracy and convergence properties
provided by these methods. Using the simulation framework developed during the PhD
studies, novel methods are presented and analysed.


  • Professor Christian Igel, Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen University
  • Professor Ming Lin, Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina
  • Professor James O’Brien, Department of Computer Science, University of California


  • Professor Kenny Erleben, Department of Computer Science, Copenhagen of University