Gense foredragene fra DIKU's jubilæum / Review the lectures given at DIKU's Anniversary

Welcome Address by Martin Zachariasen, Head of Department, DIKU

Ralf Hemmingsen, Rector, University of Copenhagen

Nils O. Andersen, Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

Peter Naur, Professor Emeritus, DIKU, Gier Algol - Introduction by Jakob Krarup, Professor Emeritus, DIKU

Charles Simonyi, Founder and CEO, Intentional Software Corporation, The History of (Some) Useful Software - Introduction by Christian Gram, Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Mads Tofte, Rector, IT University of Copenhagen, A View on Information Technology. Introduction by Peter Johansen, Professor Emeritus, DIKU

Carsten Gomard, CEO, Netcompany, DIKU - 40 years ! Does that make DIKU newborn, child, adolescent, adult, aging, old, senile, or deceased? Introduction by Fritz Henglein, Professor, DIKU

Brian Randell, Professor Emeritus, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, Reminiscences of Whetstone ALGOL - Introduced by Neil Jones, Professor Emeritus, DIKU

Brian Rakowski, Director of Product Management, Google, Lessons learned from Building Google Chrome - introduced by Martin Zachariasen, Head of Department, DIKU.