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Welcome Address by Martin Zachariasen, Head of Department, DIKU

Ralf Hemmingsen, Rector, University of Copenhagen

Nils O. Andersen, Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen 

Introduction to Peter Naur by Jakob Krarup, Professor Emeritus

Peter Naur, Professor Emeritus, DIKU

Gier Algol - In the design of Regnecentralen's Algol compiler for Gier usefulness was a dominating concern: (1) Explicitly and clearly defined programming language; (2) Fast, reliable compiler; (3) Extensive checking in the compiler of source programs that they conform to the programming language ... see the full abstract

Introduction to Charles Simonyi by Christian Gram, Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Charles Simonyi, Founder and CEO, Intentional Software Corporation

The History of (Some) Useful Software - The talk will discuss the tipping points for some of the transformative changes that started in the 70's, with anecdotes about the first personal computer (Alto) and the first WYSIWYG editor (Bravo) ... See the full abstract

Introduction to Mads Tofte by Peter Johansen, Professor Emeritus, DIKU

Mads Tofte, Rector, IT University of Copenhagen

A View on Information Technology. In this presentation I describe not a definition but a view on Information Technology, which I have found useful for thinking about the developments that have taken place during the first forty years of DIKU's existence... see the full abstract

Introduction by Fritz Henglein, Professor, DIKU

Carsten Gomard, CEO, Netcompany, Download presentation in PDF 

DIKU - 40 years ! Does that make DIKU newborn, child, adolescent, adult, aging, old, senile, or deceased? (End of abstract)

Introduction by Neil Jones, Professor Emeritus, DIKU

Brian Randell, Professor Emeritus, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, Download presentation in PDF 

Reminiscences of Whetstone ALGOL - I will describe the background to the Whetstone compiler, as well as give brief details of other early ALGOL compilers ... See the full abstract

Introduced by Martin Zachariasen, Head of Department, DIKU

Brian Rakowski, Director of Product Management, Google, Download presentation in PDF

Lessons learned from Building Google Chrome - When we set out to build a browser, our only goal was to make something that would make using the web more useful and enjoyable. By now, Chrome is used by over 70 Million people and is growing rapidly, but is still under active development to help it reach more users... See the full abstract