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Registration fee details

Early (before/on 25th April 2014) *)

Standard (after 25th April 2014) *)

One day ticket ")

Master students ")

Extra pages in proceedings (enter no. of extra pages), price per extra page:

Extra conference  dinner tickets (no. of tickets)

€450 €500 €200 €300 €100 €100
DKK 3360,00 DKK 3740,00 DKK 1500,00 DKK 2240,00

DKK 750,00

DKK 750,00

*) Includes: 3 days conference, Social events and proceeding 
") Includes: Social event of the day, excludes proceedings.


Please pay the amount due, i.e. Registration fee plus extra fees such as extra pages and/or extra conference dinner ticket to the following bank acccount:

International money transfers Payment in (DKK) Danish Kroner to:

The University of Copenhagen,
IBAN: DK73 0216 4069 0443 36
Bank: Danske Bank
Bank address: Holmens Kanal 2,DK-1090 København K

The payment should be marked: SEA 2014 and your full name

If you cannot transfer your payment , please use

SEA 2014 (vat incl.)

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