Accepted papers

Papers have now been reviewed and you can see the list of accepted papers here:

Hernán González-Aguilar, David Orden, Pablo Pérez-Lantero, David Rappaport, Carlos Seara, Javier Tejel and Jorge Urrutia: Maximum Rectilinear Convex Subsets

 Sankardeep Chakraborty, Anish Mukherjee and Srinivasa Rao Satti: Space Efficient Algorithms for Breadth-Depth Search

 Vikraman Arvind, Frank Fuhlbrück, Johannes Koebler and Oleg Verbitsky. On Weisfeiler-Leman Invariance: Subgraph Counts and Related Graph Properties

Panagiotis Charalampopoulos, Tomasz Kociumaka, Solon Pissis, Jakub Radoszewski, Wojciech Rytter, Juliusz Straszyński, Tomasz Walen and Wiktor Zuba: Circular Pattern Matching with k Mismatches

Markus Lohrey and Sebastian Maneth: Largest Common Prefix of a Regular Tree Languages

Alexander Kozachinskiy and Alexander Shen: Two Characterizations of Finite State Dimension

Katrin Casel, Henning Fernau, Mehdi Khosravian Ghadikolaei, Jerome Monnot and Florian Sikora: Extension of Some Edge Graph Problems: Standard and Parameterized Complexity

Christian Coester, Thomas Schwentick and Martin Schuster: Winning Strategies for Streaming Rewriting Games

Riccardo Dondi and Manuel Lafond: Tractability of Covering a Graph with Clubs

Frank Gurski, Dominique Komander and Carolin Rehs: Computing Digraph Width Measures on Directed Co-Graphs

Miroslaw Kowaluk and Andrzej Lingas: Rare Siblings Speed-up Deterministic Detection and Counting of Small Pattern Graphs

Dominique Schmitt: Bivariate B-splines from Convex Pseudo-Circle Configurations

Gianluca De Marco, Tomasz Jurdzinski and Dariusz Kowalski: Optimal Channel Utilization with Limited Feedback

Bireswar Das, Shivdutt Sharma and P. R. Vaidyanathan: Succinct Representation of Finite Groups

Duygu Vietz and Egon Wanke: The Fault-Tolerant Metric Dimension of Cographs

Andreas Bärtschi and Stephan Eidenbenz: Deterministic Preparation of Dicke States

Iago A. Carvalho, Thomas Erlebach and Kleitos Papadopoulos: An Efficient Algorithm for the Fast Delivery Problem 

Titus Dose: Complete Disjoint coNP-Pairs but no Complete Total Polynomial Search Problems Relative to an Oracle

Jesus Dominguez and Maribel Fernandez: Nominal Syntax with Atom Substitutions: Matching, Unification, Rewriting

Marek Klonowski, Dariusz Kowalski, Jaroslaw Mirek and Prudence Wong: Fault-Tolerant Parallel Scheduling of Arbitrary Length Jobs on a Shared Channel

Carl Feghali, Matthew Johnson, Giacomo Paesani and Daniel Paulusma: On Cycle Transversals and Their Connected Variants in the Absence of a Small Linear Forest