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Naja L. Holten Møller

Naja L. Holten Møller


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My work is interdisciplinary: I'm interested in how we can improve our understanding of collaborative work and co-creation in complex, professional work settings, e.g administration, diagnostic and architectural design - and the relationship with technology-support. I explore different questions in relation to these areas of work ethnographically to understand, e.g. how people take decisions when there is not an obvious 'right' or wrong'. I'm interested in how people handle time-spans in, for example, larger architectural projects up to 10 years in their daily work - and the relationship with material matter and on the other hand artefacts. Other questions that I explore are in relation to accounting devices and the role of citizens in, e.g. administrative work. These questions I study in long-term collaborations with different types of organizations to better understand the nature of collaborative work - and the relationship with artefacts - and technology-support. I joined DIKU in 2015 where I'm currently assistant professor in the Velux-funded Computational Artifacts research project. I publish mainly in CSCW / HCI including the the high-ranking Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work I served as a member of the CSCW program committee 2016, the CHI program committee 2017 - and, I will serve in the CSCW program committee in the first and second 'cycle' 2017-2018. In addition, I review for the CSCW Journal, Interact, GROUP, COOP, SJIS and ECSCW. Additionally, I'm a member of the newly established ACM Future of Computing Academy. 

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